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At Wilks Masonry, we strongly believe in keeping our commitment to excellence in all phases of our operation, which includes safety as our top priority. Wilks Masonry ensures our team is represented and fully supported by professionals who know both Safety and Masonry industries.


Our Safety Program was implemented with an idea of what we wanted for our employees, values we expected to see within our company, combined with effective on-going training. The result has aspired into an efficient Safety Program embraced by everyone within all departments of our company.


Leading our teams to safety, Alberto Moran, BSCE, CSHO (4); our Safety Director is supported by the Safety Committee which ensure all communication is transparent, training is accurate according to industry standards and prosperous performance is accomplished. Our Safety Team emphasizes on understanding, relating and facilitating to teams; all up-to-date Safety Regulations, Industry Requirements and Compliances.   

From frontline to management of all levels, members participate in structured meetings to comply with educational, informative and accurate training.  All employees actively associate in achieving health, safety and environmental excellence in the conduct of our business by attending weekly meetings, needed safety courses and proper training in safety and health conditions.


Our teams consisting of field staff, foreman, superintendents, and management that visit jobsites; are required to meet our Safety Policies within the Safety Program. Policies include 10 and 30-hour OSHA training, Forklift License and Training, Scaffold License and Training, and lastly fall protection training with selected members certified in Safety First.


All grounds for our employees’ well-being and safety is a continued priority at Wilks Masonry. Our Safety Program is implemented and pursued in both Texas and Oklahoma states. We have taken additional measures and have our in-house Safety Coordinator, represent Wilks Masonry Safety Program in Oklahoma.


As part of our successful establishment of our Safety Program and partnering with OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration), Wilks Masonry continues our assurance of safety and healthful working conditions in our workplace and on at the job sites.

Wilks Masonry is known for Setting the Standards in Excellence!




Our trained professionals ensure all our work is backed by top safety knowledge.

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