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The Wilks’ are no strangers to the masonry industry. Brothers Farris and Dan, founders of Wilks Masonry, were masons long before they founded what is now one of the top and successful masonry companies within multiple states.

The brothers were inspired by their father the late Voy Wilks, who took up masonry part time in the early 1950's. Mr. Wilks was a factory worker who had the American dream of owning his own home. He transpired his dream by taking on masonry skills and accomplished the building of the Wilks’ family home. Voy later left his job at the factory and took on a full time position in masonry.

As a father and mentor, Voy exposed the brothers to the masonry industry. Both Farris and Dan took on the craft of masonry and learned the trade. The brothers formed a masonry team in 1977 and worked in the trade with other contractors.  

Having an eye for success, the brothers agreed to expand their entrepreneurship and while Dan, ventured to explore additional business opportunities, Farris joined forces with their relative Kerry Nelms, an experienced mason and by early 1978, Central Masonry Corporation was established.

After several years in the masonry business, Central Masonry’s name was changed to Nelms Masonry in 1989. Thereafter, and holding a successful masonry company, seeing the demand for quality work and production; the brothers united and under collaboration founded Wilks Masonry Corporation in 1995.

Today the company, now known as Wilks Masonry LLC, has built a solid reputation for providing our clients with quality craftsmanship while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and safety. IN less than two decades, Wilks Masonry has established itself as one of the top masonry contractors in Texas and Oklahoma.

Since the start of company, the Wilks name has established a reputation for quality workmanship and guaranteed production.


At Wilks Masonry, we believe our work speaks as part of our dedication that we demonstrate to all our clients. Our mission is to make our work stand out beyond the rest in the industry while continuing to set the standards in excellence. We strive to exceed all expectations and provide top quality workmanship.

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